Want to Add an Aesthetic Appeal to Your Home? Here are 3 Kitchen Design Ideas You Can Take Inspiration From

If you have bought a new house and want to add that aesthetic touch to it, the first place you would like to revamp is the kitchen! It is supposedly the most used room in your entire house, and it should get a design that makes the space accessible. 

Believe it or not, decorating the kitchen and changing its design is exciting and fun. But, at the same time, it becomes challenging when you determine to bring out uniqueness to your kitchen space. 

Depending on how you want the design, the ideas will vary! Whether you want the modern touch or a classic ambience, there are various options you can think of recreating with your own vibe. So, to help you think of such kitchen design ideas, here are a few of the inspirations for you to count on. 

1. Install Lighting Fixtures with Metallic Finish

You often start off your kitchen design by planning on kitchen cabinets and islands. Well, they are important inclusions to create a major appeal of the space, but you often miss out on the lights. You find yourself fine with the standard lighting around the kitchen space, which isn’t something you should do when you want that aesthetic appeal around the room. 

Therefore, consider bringing in lighting fixtures with some metallic finishes. The design can be your preference, but consider the metallic version a priority. It is because every element around the kitchen should grab the attention of everyone who visits the space for the first time. The lighting will do that magic! Hence, it is one of the primary kitchen design ideas worth being recommended for you! 

2. Get an Open Space for Comfortable Cooking

When designing your kitchen, you cannot just count on stuffing the space with cabinets, appliances, countertops and other features to make it modular and highly functional. You need space to move around freely in order to cook or admire the space. Without it, the entire design would be like clutter, and that won’t add any form of uniqueness to the design. 

What you can do is, move out all of the kitchen appliances and place them at the back end of the room. With it, you will have sufficient space to set up the cooking station, allowing you enough room to move around and access every feature you include in the kitchen. As we have already talked about the lights, install them right above the countertop and also on the sconces on the sides of your kitchen window. 

3. Pick the Light Colours

If you are going to work on the paint job of your kitchen space, to match the cabinets and other design features with it, try out the light colours. Go for white, beige, yellow, etc.! Now, contrast the kitchen island and countertop with slightly deeper colours alongside the light colours on walls and cabinets. Such inclusion will make even a small kitchen look big!

If you aren’t in favour of white or beige, you can also plan on using light greens or blues, which would work fine too! Talk to your designer, and check their catalogues on the cabinet and paint options, which would go well with your single-colour designs. Take their opinion, but the final call should be yours. 


These are the three kitchen design ideas for you to add a difference to your kitchen space and make it more functional and accessible. If you don’t want your kitchen space to be alike that of the neighbour’s apartment, these ideas could derive uniqueness and aesthetics to the space.

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