Everything to Know About the Rise in the Polymatech Share Price

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Your search to know everything about the rise in Polymatech share price ends here. Polymatech, with its innovative LED semiconductor chip-making technology, has made millions of lives in India not only simple but beautiful. In the last six months, the unlisted Polymatech Electronics share price has almost doubled from its all-time low of Rs. 425 in September 2023 to over Rs. 1,000 in February 2024. It is because of increasing revenue many times to be around 650 in FY 2023 from 1256 crore rupees in FY 2022 and to reach its aim of manufacturing over 2 billion semiconductor chips from 300 million annually.  All of it makes  Nandam, the MD and CEO of Polymatech, confirm DRHP with SEBI to come out with an IPO in 2024; its price will rise more. 

So, check out all you want to know about the rapid rise in the unlisted Polymatech share price in recent months to buy it from the top broker to diversify your investment to yield high returns in the short and long term. 

All you want to know about the rapid rise of Polymatech Electronics share price

Polymatech has a long history from 1947 started in Japan as a rubber company to diversified into Electronics in India in 2007. Nandam family acquired the entire stake in 2018 to become the first LED semiconductor chips manufacturing company in India to enable it to become a superpower in the future. As semiconductor chips are the base for most of the electronic devices, it is useful in various industrial sectors. After Nandam, a BITS Pilani alum, took over Polymatech Electronics in 2018, the revenue increased from 1.7 crore rupees in 2019 to around 650 crore in 2023. And for expanding its manufacturing capacity from 300 million to 2 billion per year it is to come out with an IPO for raising Rs. 750 to Rs. 1,500 crores by the end of 2024. The following are the rapid rise for the Polymatech share price in 2024 and future. 

1.     From a loss-making company until 2020 after taking over in 2018, Nandam, as CEO and MD, increased the PAT or profit after tax to over 166 crores in 2023 

2.     Revenues multiplied many times from Nandam taking over Polymatech to reach around 650 crores in FY 2023

3.     Manufacturing capacity increased from only 300 million semiconductor chips to 2 billion annually

4.     From less than Rs. 400 in April 2023, the Polymatech Electronics share price shot up over Rs. 1,000 in April 2024

5.     Filing DRHP with SEBI for the upcoming IPO before the end of 2024 excites investors to yield high returns. 

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